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Scale Squadron Western Regional Qualifier
An Invitation

Our Western Regional Qualifier date is approaching fast and we hope all members will be present and counted for. The dates again are June 27, 28, and 29 at the El Toro Marine Base.

Four categories are listed to encourage Squadron members and others to participate. Sportsman requires a three view and some proof that the aircraft did exist. This can be a stand off scale aircraft. No ARF's are allowed in this category. Sportsman Scale was created to give a new pilot the feel of competition in a scale contest. Winners of Sportsman Scale do not transfer to the U.S. Scale Master Championships in Ohio.

Fun Scale was created to include the many scale type ARFs and way stand off models that were built from a kit. No documentation is required other than an ad or the box top art showing where the model came from or what it is called. This is just in case the judges can't figure it out.

Fun Scale receives an automatic 5 points for static, then the rest is up to the pilot and his flying ability. Mandatory manuevers for all classes are of course the Take-off, Slow fly by, Fast fly by, and other manuevers related to the aircraft. Only Team Scale and Expert will be required to complete the dreaded flat Figure Eight.

This year, Sportsman Scale is proudly sponsored by Airtronics with the winner receiving a RD6000 Super Radio System!

This invitation is to encourage all members, who may be sitting on the fence to participate in this event. All participants will fly four rounds; two on Saturday and two on Sunday. This should provide plenty of time for new pilots to complete their manuevers.

1. Prepare your call sheet, one for the judges and one for your caller.
2. Practice your flight routine before the event.
3. Practice with a caller who can join you at the event.
4. Safety check your model for reliability and safety.
5. Have your documentation and three views in a three ring binder.
6. Make sure your AMA card is current.
7. Ask for help from a Squadron member if you have any questions.
8. Register prior to the event and save $5.00. Registration is $15.00 advance, 20.00 at the field.
(Click here for a Team Scale Application or Click here for a Pilot Application)
9. Plan on attending the BBQ Saturday night at the field.
10. Awards will be presented for 1st through 3rd Place in all categories. Double trophies will be presented for Team Scale.

Our Chief Judge is again, John Richardson who has always ran a good program with fairness. John will provide qualified judges for the event. John has once again, agreed to provide the Squadron the use of his superb PA system.

You can view and download the rules for the Scalemaster's Qualifier from the U.S. Scale Masters Association at

Plan on attending either as a pilot or lending a hand; see Sam Wright, Gordon Truax, or Randy Wilbur.

Click here for Team Scale Application -|- Click here for Pilot Application
Both Applications require Adobe Acrobat Reader. Click here to download Acrobat Reader 5.0

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