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The 2001 Western Regional Scale Masters Qualifier was again held at Apollo 11 Field in the Sepulveda Basin due to the unavailability of suitable venues in Orange County. The Scale Squadron wishes to tip it's hat to the fliers of Apollo 11 field who gave up their flying field to host this event.

Scale Squadron Commander Fred Browns was the Contest Director and was ably assisted by assistant CD Gordon Truax, Chief Judge John Richardson with

SSSC Secretary/Editor Jan Savage taking on the scorekeeping duties.

All present were entertained during a Lunchtime Flight Demo by the California Airshow Flight Team (CAFT) under the direction of George Normington. The flights by the CAFT included a pair of giant scale Cubs doing their best to perform the "Precision Collision", Dick Skoglund's ultra slow flying Mooney 231, Dan and Daren Savage's twin electric ducted fan WB-57N and Larry Wolfe's new BaE Hawk.

Ray Davis, Paul Curley, Fred Browns and John Richardson.
Jan Savage keeping tabs on everyone.
Fred Browns lead the pilot's safety meeting which was held each day prior to the comencment of flights.

Noontime Demo Mooney 231
Dick Skoglund's Skywalker II
Carl Lindau's Extra 300
Herman Schock's Stinson

Ray Davis' Ag-Cat
Ken Lear 's Liberty Sport
Dick Skoglund's Eindecker
Chuck Maitre's Waco

Larry Sutherland's BT-13
Paul Curley's FW-190
Dan Savage's Extra 300
Daren Savage's Extra 300

Noontime Demo Piper Cub
Gary Moullet's Noontime Cub
Savage Bros.' Noontime WB-57
Col. Bob Thacker's F-15 ACTIVE

John Krohn's Gee Bee Z (static)
Krohn's Gee Bee Z (static)
Steve Penn's cute little Waco
Steve Penn's cute little Waco


Fun Scale
Dan Savage - 3rd Place Fun Scale
Steve Penn - 2nd Place Fun Scale
Carl Lindau - 1st Place Fun Scale

Sportsman Scale
Ray Davis - 1st Place Sportsman Scale

Team Scale
(B)-Builder (P)-Pilot
Col. Thacker(B)/Dan Savage(P)
3rd Place Team Scale
Herman Schock(B)/Ray Davis(P)
2nd Place Team Scale
Dick Skoglund(B)/Ray Beck(P)
1st Place Team Scale

Expert Scale
Ken Beck - 3rd Place Expert Scale
Dick Skoglund - 2nd Place Expert Scale
Paul Curley - 1st Place Expert Scale

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